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Copyright Friendly Images:
What Is Photo Sharing? What are copyright friendly images?? "Photo sharing is the publishing or transfer of a user's digital photos online, thus enabling the user to share them with others (whether publicly or privately). This functionality is provided through both websites and applications that facilitate the upload and display of images." ( Wikipedia)
Once photos become available online, there are a wide variety of photosharing sites that offer tools to display, edit, annotate, organize, print, tag, manipulate, and use them.

YouTube also offers a rich Copyright Education page, sharing material on fair use and remix culture.

Still have copyright Questions? Check out this site for quick answers!

  • Library of Congress Photos - the Library of Congress' Prints and Photographs Division contributed more than 3,000 images to Flickr, the photo-sharing social-networking Web site.
  • Pics4Learning
  • 10 x 10 Single images composed hourly of 100 words and pictures that "matter most" on a global scale

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