Google Docs - Create, upload and share documents with anyone, anywhere. Access your documents from any computer!

Mikogo – This free screen sharing tool makes it easy to show your screen to someone else online. Perfect for study buddies and groups who can’t study in the same room.

Zoho Office Suite – Forget dropping more than $100 on the Microsoft Office Suite. Use Zoho–it’s free and it comes with more than the student edition of Microsoft.

Bookgoo – Upload, highlight, and annotate your documents. It’s like editing on paper but better.

Diigo – This free research tool makes it easy to highlight and annotate text on the web. You can access everything you save from your phone or another PC.

MyStickies – Sticky notes for the web. Better than bookmarks because you can annotate MyStickies with reminders, ideas, and other important info.

Web-Chops – Clip any part of a web page. Save it and arrange onto a personal topic page. You can share topic pages with friends or keep them all to yourself.