´╗┐AllRecipes - offers recipe collections, exchanges, holiday recipes, a "Dining In" feature and more!

America the Bountiful -- a library exhibit about the use of 10 classic American food groups: beef, chicken, turkey, pork, potatoes, corn, greens, wheat, beans and apples.

Bon Appetite -- blogs, recipes & tips. You can also subscribe.

Cookstr -- has recipes from great cookbooks by famous chefs and authors.

Epicurious -- is one of the first food sites. It has recipes from Bon Appetite and other great food magazines. There are also cooking videos, podcasts & a food dictionary.

Food Network -- recipes from the Food Channel network.

Gourmet everything foodie!

the Global Gastronomer This site is devoted to links to recipes, food history, and food lore of all regions of the globe, with the goal of discovering, sharing, and appreciating the diverse tastes of all the world's people.

Nutrition.gov -- the federal government's resource for nutrition information. Set up your own food pyramid or discover what's in your food!

Saveur authentic

Sustainable Table -- encourages "eat local, buy local, be local". An "Eat Well Guide" helps you find organic food.

Yummly -- allows users to find and customize recipies from a number of major food Websites. Lots of recipes & resources!