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  • Project Play Learn about Web 2.0 tools with Wisconsin librarians. Similar to CASL's School Library Learning 2.0, Minnesota's 23 Things on a Stick, and the original "23 Things."
  • Library 2.0 in 15 Minutes a Day Check out a new tool each day (or week or month or whenever you have 15 minutes!)
For example, here are alternatives a web 2.0 foreign language educator might use in lieu of the
old cassette tape recorder:
  • Have them record conversations or verb conjugation for playback and study using their cell phone recording feature or have them dial into a phone number that records this and turns it immediately into a podcast that can be downloaded or listened to on the Internet ( each student could do a different verb or conversation or
  • Have them don headsets and talk with students across the world via Internet telephones ( or
  • Have them conjugate verbs across the room and text one another their answers in a contest.
  • Have them use a digital recorder like an iPod to record a Spanish conversation and share it with the class.
  • Have them find and download authentic foreign language text and/or music onto their iPod or MP3 layer to plug into your class speakers and share with everyone. They are then to translate it.
These are six Web 2.0 ways of making a boring “offline” task exciting.

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